Leopard Gecko "Eye Types"

Leopard gecko eyes are very interesting. Unlike most types, this one have eyelids. Their eyelids are also translucent and movable which allows them to blink or close while they are asleep. Their pupils are also interesting. There are small slits during daytime just like the cats and round during night time.

Their common eye traits are dark and slightly metallic tinged irises. Because of their nocturnal feature, they are capable of night time vision. This makes their pupils closed into slits due to their sensitivity to the light. If they do not slit there pupils light rays can seriously damage their vision.

Next type and color is the Solid Black also known as Eclipse or Snake Eyes. They have black irises rather then the metallic tinged irises. Their pupil and iris are hard to identify as they appear to be simply black orbs.

Another type is the Ruby eyes much similar to the solid black eyes. Some types of this reptile pet possess solid red in color which are caused by albinism. This means that there is no presence of dark pigment in their iris to obscure the underlying retinal blood vessel. Put in mind that not all albino leopard geckos have solid red eyes. It may be possible to have a solid red eyed leopard gecko if you incubate the eggs around 90 ºF. This exotic animal that does not have red eyes possess beige colored iris.

Among the three kinds of albino leopard geckos (Bell, Rainwater, Tremper), the Bell albino subspecie possesses the reddest eyes among the three. Rainwater and Tremper breeds do have red in color but slowly fade as they grow old. Bell albino retain their red color iris throughout their lives. The most attractive and most striking ruby eyed reptile is the Blazing Blizzard. It is the breed with an all white skin pigmentation that possesses a red devilish eye.

However, their eyes are very prone to danger and infection. Infection can be caused by different things. The main cause of it is lack from Vitamin A. Give your pet the right supplements to avoid problems with their eyes. Normally the eyelid lining of a their eyes is shed when the they undergo skin shedding. If this exotic animal is kept too dry or is lacking Vitamin A in its diet, there is a possibility that it would not shed its eyelid lining. The retained eyelid lining can be irritating to their vision and can cause them to squint. Sometimes it can get infected and can cause swelling on the eyelids. Squints on the leopard gecko’s eyes must be immediately removed to avoid further damage as their pupil and iris are very fragile.

Whenever your leopard gecko develops an eye problem, it needs to be seen by an experienced veterinarian quickly if you want to give it the best possible chance of healing your pet’s vision.